one girl, formal portrait_objects web copy.jpg
young man from Baltimore_objects web.jpg
man, formal portrait, Indiana, objects diptycha-web.jpg
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August 1923 at Livingston Manor lr.jpg
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Grandma looking away lr.jpg
girl in the flowered dress, cloud face_web copy.jpg
siblings, formal portrait, diptych V2_web.jpg
little girl tumbleweeds_objects diptych web.jpg
woman long coat_lr.jpg
father and son diptych web.jpg
9 family members around a table lr.jpg
mother and two children_objects diptych web.jpg
two sisters and a brother_objects web copy.jpg
woman gardening at night_cand_web.jpg
two men diptych_web.jpg
bride & bride's maids_lines_lr.jpg
couple in yellow_web.jpg
three women on a couch, man in front_clouds and circles_lr.jpg
man on metal diptych_web.jpg
one woman, thirty men_web.jpg
boy on a metal plate diptych web.jpg
young girl, oval photo_objects web.jpg